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Movie Review on LOSSES

I happened to find this short film on Film Riot’s channel via Youtube, and thought it looked interesting, and decided to check it out. 

This is an action movie with ambiguity of the underlying premise of the story. However, overall, I thought that this film was good, considering that it was a low budget film. 

Many of the fight scenes were nailed, and realistic. The acting [outside of dialogue] was fantastic from all the actors, except for the antagonist. I didn’t think that the part of this particular antagonist fit the natural personality of person who played the character. However, it was still above mediocre. 

Cliche would be a word that would be commonly tossed around if there was a discussion circle about this film. Especially with the antagonist. His mannerisms and actions were too cliche, and not original [in my opinion]. However, the protagonist lived up to the stereotype that if they don’t talk, they mean business. I always heard growing up that the people that talk the most smack is usually not someone that can physically get the job done, but that common thought was put aside in this film. The protagonist did a good job with the acting, and the actions. However, the dialogue [small amount] that the person did for this was slightly less intimidating when his voice was heard. His voice was not intimidating enough. When I’m thinking about a film like this, Liam Neeson’s voice resonates through my mind, and is projected onto the character. 

Yes, the antagonist has to have the upper hand in order to give the protagonist something to overcome, but the voice and intensity of the protagonist is what causes the loss of credibility to me on this film. However, like I said, the actions were very good. 

The gun shots, and the special effects were [in my opinion] less than mediocre. I suppose that they would pass for a low-budget film. However, this is not something that would win major awards in my opinion. Hand-to-hand combat was brilliant, and the moves were fantastic. It was intense, and that had a lot to do with the camera angles, and the hand-held shots as well. Very nice. 

I think that the choice of dialogue from both the protagonist and the antagonist could have been better thought out. Some of the things that were said were the climax that music built up to, but was an extreme let down. It was as if some parts wanted to max out climatically, but were not intense enough, and were not said well enough to give it the full climatic effect that they [I assume] were going for. 

Overall, a good film and worth watching. I give this film a 6/10.